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Peak Performance for the mind

Improving Performance, Wellbeing and Positive Behaviours

Be the best version of you that you can be.

MindSummit assesses our overall mental toughness and indicates where and how we might improve our behavioural and emotional responses

We’ve always known that our mental responses to what happens to us and around us is critically important. It determines to a large extent our resilience and our ability be positive when others only see gloom. Based on solid research, MindSummit assesses our overall mental toughness and indicates where and how we might improve our responses.

Enabling us to thrive in a world of chaos, crisis and challenge.

Mind. Body. Soul.

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Mental Resilience application made in United Kingdom

Users of the Mental Toughness concept include...

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Metal Toughness - a new thing? It's in our DNA

It’s been around since we roamed the Earth meeting sabre toothed tigers and hostile tribes. It helps us to survive and thrive. It’s always been important.

Plato called it Fortitude, the Romans called it Stoicism. Today sports coaches have understood its often the difference between winning and losing. Thanks to the work of Professor Peter Clough and others we now know what it is and how we can use it for our benefit.

AQR International working with Clough and others has developed the capability to assess your mental toughness through a range of psychometric measures which are independently shown to be reliable and valid.


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Understanding how I think and what it means for me

Listen to Doug Strycharczyk, CEO of AQR International explain the power and the importance of Mental Toughness.  



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