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Mental Toughness – Understanding our Mindset.

Why it matters in times of crisis, chaos and challenge.





The Mindsummit App helps us to understand our Mental Toughness.

This is the term that psychologist use for a fundamentally important aspect of our personality – how we respond mentally when things happen. 


Of all the aspects of our personality this is the hardest to understand and assess. Yet it impacts a lot on our behaviours and our feelings.

We’ve always known it is important. Plato and the Greeks referred to it as Fortitude, the Romans Stoicism and in recent times people speak about Mindset, Grit and Resilience. Mental Toughness describes and embraces all of these ideas. We now understand it better

Research shows that our Mental Toughness is a significant factor in:

  • Performance – what we achieve
  • Wellbeing – our mental health and our contentment 
  • Agility – our response to sudden a and unexpected change
  • Aspirations – our ability to grow and prosper  

Everyone experiences stressors, pressure and setbacks. Most of us can deal with those when they occur. It is normal to feel stressed at times. Sometimes stress is even good for us and we can take advantage of challenges which may add to our stressors. It's what helps us to succeed.

Sometimes those stressors can overwhelm even the best of us. That too is normal … and normally we can recover.

Today we live in a demanding world. It is said to be Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous and this is often sustained. It can be compounded by events such as pandemics which force us to adapt for prolonged periods of time in ways we would prefer not to.

How we respond to life today and events such as these, determines to a large extent whether we survive or thrive … or succumb.

The Mental Toughness concept helps us to be self-aware about the aspects of our personality that help us to thrive or, in their absence, explain why we don’t.

Research from Professor Peter Clough, found that Mental Toughness consisted of 4 elements:


Control – the extent to which we think we can control enough of our lives and ourselves to achieve most or all of that we want.

Commitment – the extent to which we have goals and make the effort needed to hit them

Challenge – the extent to which we are prepared to stretch ourselves and to learn from all that happens – including our mistakes.

Confidence – the extent to which we believe in our abilities including our ability to engage with others.



What’s in it for you?


A deeper insight into your Mindset. A capability to identify which aspects of metal toughness work for you and which don’t.


A Platform for Reflection. A structure around which you can reflect on what works and what doesn't and, from that, a basis for identifying what you might be able to do about this.


Adding clarity to your development priorities.  Enabling you to select what you wish to develop ... and why … as well as optimising your efforts.


An important next step … on your journey for success and contentment. 


What’s in it for you?


  • A deeper insight into your Mindset. 

  • A Platform for Reflection. 

  • Helping clarity about your development priorities. 

  • An important next step on your journey for success and contentment. 

Users of the Mental Toughness concept include...







Understanding how I think and what it means for me

Listen to Doug Strycharczyk, CEO of AQR International explain the power and the importance of Mental Toughness.  



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