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Dealing with COVID uncertainty

As many countries enter into yet another Covid wave, with the possibility of the return restrictions and lockdowns, Google searches of words like ’stress’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘coping’ are increasing. Interestingly, so are searches of terms like ‘mental toughness’, ‘positivity’ and ‘building resilience’.

It’s an insight into how people adopt different mindset to a period of uncertainty and change. Some people are looking at just how to cope with what they see as the inevitable stress and anxiety, while others are taking with a more positive mindset - in the sense of ‘how do I prepare myself in a positive way for the upcoming challenge’. 

Recent research from Huddersfield University has shown that the more mentally tough have been better at dealing with the stress, anxiety and change caused by Covid. This research suggests that, given that mental toughness is developable, creating self-awareness about one’s mental toughness can be useful in mitigating some of the effects of the pandemic, or any crisis. 

So, how do you start your journey towards better mental toughness? MindSummit allows anyone to assess their overall mental toughness. The app uses the renowned Mental Toughness Questionnaire, a globally recognized and proven psychological assessment tool developed by AQR International. Users can choose the free 15 question version to receive a high-level overview of their mental toughness together with tips and tools to develop their mental toughness. The premium version delivers more depth of analysis and access to further tools and techniques.



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