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Where are the opportunities?

Opportunities are everywhere and often come at time we don’t expect. I was talking to a friend recently who was telling me about how she’d made a lot of personal and professional progress in the past eighteen months. Many people might think ‘that’s pretty impressive given we’ve been neck deep in a global pandemic and a lot of people are just trying to survive!’. 

I’ve known her for a long time. She is a very positive and mentally tough person, so it did not surprise me. She saw the pandemic as a period of opportunity. She’s the sort of person who sees the opportunity in a crisis or period of change. She’s used the numerous lockdowns to get herself fitter, to focus on a business project and to learn new skills. ‘It was a great opportunity given there was less travel, no commuting and more quiet time to focus’. 

The mentally tough generally respond well in a crisis. Their tendency to focus on the opportunity rather the problem makes them more positive in how they approach such times. They don’t just cope, they often thrive because of their mental toughness. 

The good news is that it is possible to develop mental toughness. MindSummit allows anyone to assess their overall mental toughness. The app uses the renowned Mental Toughness Questionnaire, a globally recognized and proven psychological assessment tool developed by AQR International. Users can choose the free 15 question version to receive a high-level overview of their mental toughness together with tips and tools to develop their mental toughness. The premium version delivers more depth of analysis and access to further tools and techniques.



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