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The Resilient Manager.

A successful organization is reliant on the skills and capabilities of its managers.

A manager takes instructions from leadership, interprets these and works with their teams to make things happen and deliver the expected results.

They are the lynchpins of any organisation dealing with issues flowing both down and up to them. It's a stressful position at any time and this stress has increased during the pandemic.

Most organisations have had to adapt in how they operate to thrive, and in many cases just to survive.

It's no surprise that levels of stress, anxiety and even depression have increased in this group in the past year or so.

Whilst firms are keen to promote employee well-being programmes, there are also actions individuals can take to help themselves.

Research has shown that the more mentally tough and resilient tend to perform much better during a time of stress and change. The really good news is that it is possible to assess, understand and increase mental toughness at the individual level and to start to deal better with stress and anxiety.

MindSummit is an app that is available to everyone. MindSummit helps you understand, assess and improve your mental toughness. It s based on the AQR International's Mental Toughness Questionnaire, which has been developed from many years of testing and research. AQR International is renowned for helping people and organisations improve performance through building better mental toughness.


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